5F ProSeries

Bard's suite of low profile products are designed to minimize arteriotomy size and enable a complete 5F femoropopliteal procedure.

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Only SFA & Full Popliteal FDA Approved Stent*

The LIFESTENT® 5F Vascular Stent System offers a clinically proven helical stent design on a low profile, 5F deliver system.

Safe & Effective Drug Coated Balloon

The LUTONIX® 035 DCB combines the benefits of a mechanical dilatation with the anti-restenotic effects of pacltiaxel, which demonstrated primary patency rates superior to PTA at 12 months.

Controlled Plaque Modification

The ULTRASCORE Focused Force PTA Balloon is a scoring balloon designed to provide controlled plaque modification using two longitudinal scoring wires.

Precision Pre-Dilatation

The ULTRAVERSE® 035 PTA Dilatation Catheter is a first-line 035 balloon designed to dilate stenoses in the peripheral arteries.

Cross Challenging Lesions via Atherectomy

The CROSSER® CTO Recanalization System is designed to cross total arterial occlusions by forming a new channel via atherectomy.


Low Crossing

to Reduce
Arteriotomy Size

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The GEOALIGN® Marking System is Featured on All Bard 5F ProSeries Products

The GEOALIGN® Marking System is a non-radiopaque ruler on the catheter shaft designed to simplify repeat catheter alignment and increase procedure efficiency by reducing fluoroscopy exposure.

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